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EPON: OLT XDK-E8604T 4 Pon Порта

Оптичний Лінійний Термінал EPON: OLT - XDK-E8604T 4 Pon Порта

olt xdk e8604t 100

OLT XDK-E8604T complies with IEEE802.3ah and P.R.C intercommunication standard, YD/T 1475-2006, supports CTC20/2.1, automatically discovers and cooperates with ONUs of different manufacturers. XDK-E8604T OLT supports the symmetric uplink/downlink 1.25Gbps PON transmission rate, efficient bandwidth usage and Ethernet services, helping carriers to provide reliable services to their users. Its coupling ratio, 1:64, and its support of different hybrid ONU networks minimize the carrier’s investment. OLT XDK-E8604T has strong functions and QoS guarantee , and supports SLA and DBA.

Основні Переваги і Характеристики 4 pon port OLT E8604T

XDK-E8604T is an optical network device series that is suitable for the current market; 
one XDK-E8604T supports up to four EPON systems, so it has the following advantages:

  • EPON: E8604T supports IEEE802.3ah and PRC Community Industry Standard (YD/T 1475-2006);
  • System’s capacity: The modularized PON card of E8604T can support one to four EPON systems simultaneously, up to 256 ONUs and the 1/64 coupling ratio;
  • Uplink interface: Its flexible design supports various MAN interface type groups. The optical ports or the electrical ports are selected according to network conditions;
  • Device size: A 1U device occupies a little space and consumes little power, decreasing the function cost of the services;
  • Protecting the bus optical fiber: E8604T supports that the link can be automatically switched to protect the optical fiber when trouble occurs in the optical fiber;
  • It is highly reliable and powered by two power sources;
  • It adopts the point-to-multipoint network topology, effectively collects separate Ethernet services and aggregates them on the MAN node. It connects the upper-layer devices through the GE interface and can be connected to the existing network smoothly;
  • The Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) mechanism enables all users to share the 1Gbps bandwidth reasonably, guaranteeing a reliable QoS;
  • The Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) enables the redundant interconnection between OLT and backbone network. EAPS 50ms;
  • They support the IGMP multicast and efficiently utilize the bandwidth. They support the multicast VLAN;
  • It supports the broadcast of IPTV, voice and data simultaneously.


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