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EPON (GEPON) : ONU (ОНУ) / ONT SFP Stick Модуль

EPON (GEPON) ONU (ОНУ) / ONT SFP Stick Модуль. (MAC адресу підтримує)


  • термостабільність
  • Single fiber bi-directional data links asymmetric TX 1250Mbps / RX 1250Mbps EPON ONU application with EPON MAC function.
  • SC/UPC receptacle SFP with EPON ONU MAC inside, “Plug-and-play” via auto-discovery and configuration.
  • 1310nm FP burst mode transmitter, 1490nm TIA continuous mode receiver
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Digital diagnostic monitor be retrieved by OLT remotely
  • SFP MSA compliance
  • Low EMI and excellent ESD protection
  • Class I laser safety standard IEC-60825 compliant
  • RoHS compliance
  • EPON ONU compatible
  • Complies with SFP Multi-SourceAgreement (MSA) SFF-8074i
  • Complies with IEEE802.3ah


  • Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks (EPON)
  • The product is an MSA-compliant SFP that incorporates not just the optics for an ONU, but all of the electronics need as well. It is a “PON on a Stick” that an entire FTTH ONU in a slightly oversized SFP. It can be plugged into networking equipment. Allowing the data interfaces on a switch, router, etc. to be customized for different fiber environments and distancere quirements.


  • SFP ONU uses the two wire serial bus to access two blocks of 256-byte EEPROM address 1010000X (A0h) , A0h stores static information including product and vendor IDs.
  • The below figure shows the detail descriptions of A0h. All this information is not only accessible by a local host equipment into which the PON Stick is plugged, The diagnostic information about the module’s present operating can only be retrieved by OLT remotely through PON OAM messages.
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1000 символів ліворуч
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